Planning your daughter’s Quinceañera is a major milestone in any parent’s life. This event will mark her transition being a child into being a young woman, and she deserves to feel like a true princess as she celebrates this day surrounded by her friends and family.

When planning a Quinceañera, you should ideally start to prepare 12 months before the big day. With a capacity of up to 500 guests, Garden Tuscana can help you handle all of the event planning details to give your daughter an unforgettable Quince.

In addition to collaborating with a venue you love, there are many other details to consider, which we will explore more closely in this blog. We hope this Quinceañera planning guide helps you make the process exciting, fun, and stress-free.

12 Months Before

One year before a Quince, you should think about a general theme and design ideas. What style of dress and decor would your daughter like? This is a loose planning period, so have fun exploring Pinterest, magazines, and images online. Let your imagination run wild by creating mood boards until you can finalize the general idea and style you would like.

You should also start to plan your Quince mass by talking to the church priest, asking for their requirements, and beginning to look for additional services, such as florists, photographers, and a DJ.

11 Months Before

Now is the time for your daughter to select her Quinceañera court. The Quince court is made up of couples, so you’ll need an even number of court members to pair up and accompany your daughter. The average number is 14 for a total of 7 couples.

Think about the best people to become your daughter’s damas and chambelanes. Close family members and friends are the best choice. Your daughter should be excited to share this special moment with the boys and girls in her court. When she looks back on the photos and videos from her Quinceañera, your daughter should be happy to see the faces of people she loves surrounding her.

10 Months Before

This is the time to find a venue, choose a caterer, and reserve your Quinceañera at your ideal location.

Make sure you contact the church and confirm the appropriate date and time for the upcoming Quince.

After you have the location chosen, you can make a guest list. Make sure your list is done before you speak to an event venue so you know how many people they will need to prepare for.

Now is also the time to start shopping for a Quince dress. This will give you plenty of time to explore different styles and have any alterations made before the big day. If the dress will be custom made, then find a designer to begin bringing your daughter’s dream Quinceañera dress to life.

9 Months Before

If you haven’t found a photographer, DJ, florist, or caterer, make sure you do so this month. Many professionals book 6 to 12 months in advance, and it’s important to make sure they are available on the same day you’ve reserved your venue.

At Garden Tuscana, we can arrange a beautiful ceremony for your daughter in our bright, pristine garden. Our venue coordinator can help you organize with different vendors and professionals to ensure furniture, decor, flowers, music, photographers, and more are all aligned for your daughter’s celebration.

Make sure to finalize all of the following details before the end of the month:

  • Location and event hall
  • Guest list and invitations
  • Church dates and time
  • Floral arrangements and the Quince bouquet
  • Decorators and furniture rentals
  • Photographer/videographer
  • Hair stylist and makeup artist
  • Bakery and caterer

6 Months Before

With the biggest details squared away, now is the time to focus on preparing the court and finalizing smaller details. Make sure you settle on a color palette. Suits, dresses, accessories, and shoes must be coordinated for a stunning final look.

This is also a good time to plan for party favors or special souvenirs for your guests. You can consider some of these Quince party favor ideas, or even make some yourself with your family.

Half a year before the event, you should also purchase traditional Quince gifts, such as the “Last Doll,” Bible, tiara, and scepter.

3 Months Before

With just 12 weeks before the Quince, it is time to finalize hair and makeup choices and try them a few times.

You should also order invitations and prepare a court rehearsal.

Make sure you also reserve a limousine or carriage and any other services you’ll need for the day.

2 Months Before

Send all invitations and prepare to update your guest list after RSVPs arrive. We suggest using a digital RSVP service to ensure everyone is able to respond as quickly and conveniently as possible.

You should also speak to the DJ about a song list, or organize details with a live band. If you have not received a response from guests, reach out to them with a gentle reminder that you need their RSVP for them to attend the celebration within a week.

Contact all of your service providers, including your venue, to finalize and confirm your reservations.

The 8-week mark is also the ideal time to have the final Quince dress fitting and make any necessary alterations.

1 Month Before

With all of the biggest details in place, you will now focus on setting the scene for the event. If you need to make any changes to the seating arrangement, guest list, menu, or any other detail, this is the prime time to do so.

If you are working with an event planner or venue coordinator, they can help you ensure everything is under control and perfectly organized for the occasion.

In the coming weeks, you should pick up the dress, package the Quince gifts, and have one last Quince court rehearsal. The girl of honor should also write her speech or speeches that she will give during the event, and anyone who will also be speaking should start to plan their presentations. 

Quinceañera Planning from Professionals

Working with a professional venue can help you access additional benefits that make Quince planning easier.

If you would like a breathtaking garden, beautiful ballroom, and spacious event for your Quinceañera, consider Garden Tuscana. We would be happy to work with you and help you make your Quince a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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