Bridgerton Bridal

With the continued success of Netflix’s Bridgerton, brides and wedding parties will be looking to add a little Regency-era flair to their event. Think lots of splashes of colors like Regency Blue, lace ruffles and puff sleeves and a focus on vintage opulence. Bows are big, and expect literary and creative flairs — fine china dishware and regal-sounding titles for the couple. Floral accents also perfectly cap off this romanticized aesthetic, while also mixing in more modern trends like cottagecore.

‘Anti-Trend’ Trends

With everything that’s happened in the last few years, anti-trends and more non-traditional weddings are going to be big this year. Couples have faced a lot of uncertainty, and we’ll see a big desire this year to break the mold and get away from cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all wedding aesthetics. Many couples will want to infuse their own unique tastes and sensibilities throughout their wedding décor and have a strong focus on authenticity. The bridal and wedding industries also seem primed to reflect the cultural preference for inclusivity and diversity even more, with tastes and traditions continuing to evolve so rapidly.  

Dressing Up

After a few years of working from home in sweatpants and Zoom-appropriate tops, formal weddings are trending again. Dress codes like black-tie allow guests to dress up and enjoy looking dapper, plus a fancier dress code elevates the quality of your pictures. Dressing up doesn’t mean dressing stodgy though — while sticking to the dress code is important, it’s also trendy to mix up more formal pieces with elements with a little more personality, like a maroon or white tuxedo jacket for men and greenery crowns and boho-inspired, but still formal, looks for women. And even if you don’t opt for a black-tie dress code, looking sharp while also putting a unique spin on classic wedding attire will be one of summer’s biggest trends.

Lavish Parties …

For couples whose intimate weddings in 2020 had a very pared down guest list, or for couples who weren’t even able to get married these last few years, weddings this summer are primed to be big and bold. Expect a lot of statement pieces, like hanging flower installations and flower clouds. It will be important for couples to have really memorable and dazzling weddings, and make their special day the once-in-a-lifetime experience they have always wanted. With not being able to celebrate for so long, you can be sure couples will want to go all out this summer with friends and family.  


… And Intimate Gatherings

Even though couples have been eager to celebrate their nuptials with more friends and family then could be allowed during most of the pandemic, the trend towards smaller, more intimate weddings won’t be going away any time soon. Even if the guest list gets a lot longer, you’ll still see couples preferring a return to basics with less ostentation and more quality time with guests. And couples with big weddings may still want to experiment with creating a cozier, more intimate environment.


With the growing awareness culturally about the negative ecological and environmental impacts many of our everyday actions have on the planet, many couples will be more concerned with sustainable wedding practices. Weddings can often be very wasteful and extravagant, and so couples who care about limiting plastic consumption or eating less meat may see a lot of the typical aspects of a wedding not worth the cost or impact on the environment.

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

Pearls are still having a moment, and whether in an engagement ring, dress or shoe, they can be seen everywhere this year. The pearl engagement ring in particular has been spotted on the fingers of many celebrities recently, and are catching on with many soon-to-be brides. Antique pearls are also a popular vintage-inspired choice, and it can be mean a lot to the mother or grandmother of the bride to see her choosing to wear family heirlooms on her wedding day.

Satellite Bars and Signature Cocktails

Satellite bars and curated signature cocktails will still be big this year. Many couples will enjoy selecting one or two of their favorite cocktails to share with guests. But they don’t have to just be alcohol related — DIY hot chocolate bars or coffee bars remain popular, and look for couples to experiment with mocktails and other non-alcoholic drink choices that are still unique and artisanal. While weddings are often some of the most popular times to raise a glass or share a bottle, there are those who would rather not imbibe. But that shouldn’t have to come at the cost of not having interesting and exciting drink options, and because of that desire we’ll be seeing a lot more attention paid to making sure your mocktails are as good as your cocktails. Gatsbyesque champagne towers are also making a comeback, and Jazz Age fashion and design inspiration also won’t be going away any time soon.

Weekday Weddings

With the ongoing emphasis on the nontraditional and unexpected, and because of so many bookings and cancellations, many couples have been entertaining the idea of weekday wedding ceremonies. While it can be difficult to coordinate guests’ work schedules, especially if you opt for a big wedding, choosing to have your wedding during the week or at non-traditional times frees up a lot of availability and helps significantly cut down on costs. Brunch weddings are also increasing in popularity and are a nice throwback to a lot of midcentury weddings where lunch at the in-laws often followed the ceremony.

‘70s and Vintage Inspired

‘70s-inspired fashion has been all the rage this year, and couples are finding they want to include ‘70s and vintage-inspired designs in their ceremonies. Pressed flowers and dried flowers are big this year, either for sprinkling down the aisle or pressed onto candles or seating arrangements. Shorter wedding dresses popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s add some retro flair and vintage charm, and the little white dress is so versatile it won’t go to waste after all the festivities. Disco-themed after-parties are also sure to be a hit, and we can still see the ‘70s craze going strong all year long.   

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